Saturday, October 13, 2012

Listening to Kaotic Radio on a smart phone

     We at The LaunchPad and Kaotic Radio frequently talk about using your smartphone for listening to our station while you are on the go or do not have access to a computer. The process is easy, just go to Live365 and click on their mobile players page and download an app that is appropriate for your phone, whether Android or iPhone. That's the first step to the process but occasionally you will need extra devices to help you listen to our station in a more comfortable fashion. Well, below I have a list and summary of the devices and methods you can utilize to help listen to Kaotic Radio. Enjoy!

*This article highlights the growing trend of smartphones being utilized to listen to music or radio.

*A wireless connection is always a suitable option for your vehicle.

*There is a summary of what methods you can use, wireless or wired.

*You can hack into your car radio, especially an older model, and create an auxillary input.

*This article describes how you can connect your phone through home stereo via wireless.

*For those that are broke like me and do not want to get anything fancy, below are 2 examples you can use.

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