Thursday, September 20, 2012

My night before my station return

As that I am back on Kaotic Radio I have been getting acclimated to having a different sleep schedule and to fit all my activities in a day in a more time efficient manner. I work the swing shift so I usually get home about 11:20 which gives me enough time to shower, freshen up, do a few last things before I can go to bed. My target goal to go to sleep would be between 12:00AM to 1:00AM; my target goal to wake up would be 7:00AM. This gives me 6 hours for my body to shut down, especially given the heavy load I have at work and being at The Launch Pad from 8-11AM. My typical work time is from 2-11PM so I have 3 hours in between to run some errands or what not; the goal though is to take an afternoon nap that would hopefully last more then an hour. Ideally this would be my routine in the day: wake up at 7AM, be at the station from 8-11AM, go home and take a nap and do a few errands, go to work at 2PM-11PM, come home no later then 11:30PM, take a shower, fix my food for the next day, read a few new stories, and crash before 1:00PM. This kind of schedule fits in with this sleep method.

Well Monday night I decided to take a splurge at the local bar and get a drink in but I was already drinking all day so I was getting a steady buzz from the get go. I met some people, chatted with some usual friends, talked to a couple friends I haven't partied in a while, it was great! Well I walk home and through the streets of Upland,CA I decide to take pictures of my night time escapade. They are great pictures but a few are blurry, not because I was drunk though but because I need to readjust the exposure time on the camera. Anyhow, I go home and I end up getting only 3 hours of sleep and no nap later that day! It was such a shit experience that I wanted to pass out on the floor and lounge their like a derelict.

It was a learning experience and now that I am implementing a schedule I will get things done in a timely, and more efficient manner. So anyways here is the pictures I took of my stroll through Upland.

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